19.07.2020 Bembridge half and halfs

Date: 19th July 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Regular Delights

An ongoing series

I have been taking half and half photos since I took part in a May Half and Half Challenge on the 365project in 2017. I spent lots of time looking at shots on the Instagram Half and Half project which inspired me so much – half and half shots achieved with composition, with a specific dividing line (either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), by balancing two opposing visual elements such as light and shadow, colour and monotone, sharp focus juxtaposed with shallow depth of field. I really enjoyed exploring how this new way of looking at things worked.

Since then, I often do a series of half and half shots when the mood takes me. Its fun looking for subjects that have a clearly delineated dividing line or some kind of imagined division. I did some last week when my son and I visited the Bembridge Windmill and Beach on the East side of the island. These all had a physical dividing line that I could compose around.

I wrote about ongoing themes and series in my Foto Fridays post this week. You can read more about how they help me keep my photography practice on track.

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