30.07.2020 Catch the light

A recent Oracle card suggested that I “catch the light” and let myself shine by coming out of the shadows and showing my true colours.

I adore light – it makes me feel happier, more alive. The long summer days, even when they aren’t sunny, bring lightness into my life. I need light in my home and love nothing better than watching it move around the walls and ceiling as the day passes. Photographically, an image cannot be captured without light.

So this phrase takes on multiple meanings.

Metaphorically, by catching the light, I could transform it into something glorious, that not only disperses energy into my life, but maybe also beyond, more broadly into others’ lives too.

Photographically, I am always chasing the light, the shadows created by it and how it is reflected and refracted. Like this, for example…

You’ve seen these dried petals before in different phases and forms – they’ve been with me the whole summer! I transferred them to a glass jug thingy that I dug out of a cupboard and was mesmerised when the light refracted off the jug in magical ways! Click to zoom in and see what I mean!

I’ll post a few black and white ones soon.

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