10.08.2020 What happens if…

Date: 10th August 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Playing

… I combine two photos?

Sometimes, I look through my photos and sigh because I have so many. Lots of them have been posted on social media and here on the Delight Diaries, some made into photo albums, some printed out. But still, I’d like to do something else with them.

I did not expect to find inspiration scrolling through the Snapseed app on my phone. Hidden at the bottom of the Tools section is a Multiple Exposure tool and a question pops into my mind: What would happen if I merge two photos?

My curiosity is piqued and I decide to follow that curiosity – another way to use my photos!

  • What happens if I merge this and this?
  • What happens if I merge them in a different order?
  • What if the end result is shitty / ugly / bad / laughable?

This last week, when I felt so completely bogged down with life, I found some respite in playing with multiple exposures, making shitty first images and having another go until I got something that worked, that felt aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some that I didn’t feel happy with for one reason or another.

And here are some that worked! The more I play, the more I am beginning to understand what works and what doesn’t using images from my Collections library.

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