15.08.2020 Grid lock joys

Date: 15th August 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Joyspotting

On the Isle of Wight?

Yes! Last week, we went to fetch some items from our lock up. When we came out, we found we were caught in a grid lock – an accident on the main road between West Cowes and Newport and local road works meant we were completely stuck.

When you are near the coast on the Isle of Wight and the main roads are closed you really cannot go anywhere, unless you have an amphibious vehicle.

I could feel the agitation and irritation rising, but then decided to try a different response. I was a gorgeous summer day, my son was with me, we had nowhere to be or go.

We grabbed a take away coffee and went for a walk along the beach front for an hour.

I immediately dealt with Mergatroid’s critical self talk of “I don’t have my big camera with me”; “I’m so stupid, why don’t I take it everywhere?” and made do with my phone camera, shifting focus to what I could shoot with that.

I was delighted with the strong shadows and lines and the contrasting blues of the sea and sky and the rich rusty earth colours of the man-made objects.

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