14.09.2020 Archive delights?

Date: 14th Sept 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

A sea of memories

On Saturday, I had a message from a friend, checking to see that I was OK. Her message contained a heart image and it was the tiniest nudge to temporarily rouse me out of the torpor and inertia I’ve been stuck for the last few weeks. I could feel a faint spark of excitement in me as I began to think about my heart collection and all the photographs I’ve taken of hearts over the years.

I wanted to find some of them to post here and on social media, that I haven’t posted before.

I eagerly opened my Lightroom catalogue, plugged in my external hard drive and did a tag search for “heart”. I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

A large chunk of the photos were taken when I was doing 365 photo-a-day projects from 2014 to 2016. I was instantly lost in a sea of memories about my life in South Africa, the homes I lived in, my doctoral study (which I finished in 2014) and the many adventures my son and I went on.

This was the first one that I knew I wanted to post – one of my favourite rings reflecting a heart shape onto a crease in a book, taken in 2015.

When I looked at this image, I was struck by how simple it is and how beautiful it is in that simplicity. Then I began to wonder:

  1. where did I find time to experiment and play like this when I was working full time?
  2. where has my playfulness with photography gone?

I’m not going to attempt to answer either of those questions just yet, but they are swirling through my mind, making me think.

Onwards. Here’s a selection of images I chose from the archives:

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