A 100 day art project


We are in my favourite season – autumn! And I’m loving the profusion of brightly coloured berries and the colours of the foliage. Autumn is a time of transition and transformation, especially in nature. It brings with it the news that the days will get shorter and darker soon.

It looks like the challenges of this year aren’t over yet and I wonder how I will get through winter this year. Do any of you feel the same? How have you been acknowledging the changing seasons and preparing for winter or summer?

My mojo to take photos and to write blog posts seems to have vanished into thin air and I’m working out to get out of this funk I’m in. I’ve been thinking about doing something different creatively for a while now.

100 day art project

I’ve decided on a 100 day project. The artistic world took part in this earlier this year, but I started on 28th September. Even though I would not call myself an artist I thought I might try some kind of art instead of writing and photography – for 100 days.

In 2015 and 2016 I did a variation called “100 Happy Days” and the 2015 project was the spark that ignited the birth of this Everyday Delights blog. I started both of these in the month of September. As my birthday month, September has always been a time of change for me, although this year that hasn’t been the case – no major house moves or the like.

Why commit to a 100 day art project if I’m not feeling on top of the world?

Like I said, my blog came into being because of my first 100 day project. Plus, I’ve found that when I have something small and creative to look forward to each day, I feel a little more optimistic and hopeful about life in general. It becomes a focal point for the day. I’m also hoping that this will help me to get through winter and pull me out of this mild depression / funk.

The 100 Day Project website says this about why a project is useful:

“taking five minutes out of the day to do something just because you love it is pretty radical. Because creative confidence is earned through practice. Because inspiration shows up when you do. Or just…because”.

100 Day Project



So, there I was, having decided to do a 100 day art project. But what exactly?

I’ve seen some amazing art journals on Instagram and on Pinterest, so I googled those, thinking I might do something similar. As so often is the case, in reading about these I stumbled across something that caught my attention and I let curiosity take over.

I came across Amy Maricle’s work from Mindful Art Studio (@amymaricle on Instagram) and was captivated by her post “Making Small Art Work”. After watching a few of her videos, I knew I’d found part of the way to do a project.I decided to use the idea of inchies as the basic parameter / constraint for the project. Amy says this of inchies: “Inchies really do invite innovation, and discovery! Here’s my tips for making the most of inchie art:

  • Carry your watercolor squares with you to make portable art
  • Explore one theme or pattern at a time
  • Make a lot of squares on one theme – 20, 50, or 150 squares
  • Make tiny variations with each new square
  • Exhaust each idea or theme before moving on
  • Assemble the pieces in various collections – in small and large collections, pairing and grouping different squares and exploring as many different variations on each theme as possible”

Parameters for my 100 day project

The 100 Day Project website recommends setting boundaries for your project so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or lose focus, because coming up with ideas for a 100 days in a row can be challenging.

I had to think about other tools I’d need for the project. Knowing some of the art would be my newly found zentangling, and fascination with ink art, these had to be part of it. These are my stated boundaries:

  • A new Instagram account to track the project, separate to Practicing Everyday Delights
  • A variation of “inchies” (7.5 cm c 7.5 cm (3″ by 3″) and are cut from white scrapbooking paper and a coarser mixed media paper (250 gsm). I plan to use a 100 (or more) of these! 😁)
  • Fine liners, black sharpie, pencil
  • Drawing inks and brushes* Watercolour crayons (maybe)

I also have a list of possible mini-projects within these parameters, but I’ll keep those to myself for now. So, I started on 28th September and the project should take me through October to the early part of January.

And the best news is that one of my friends has decided to join me, for pretty much the same reasons. We are not putting ourselves under any pressure, just taking one day at a time, one small piece of art at a time. If you’d like to join us, see info at the end of this post.

I’ve printed myself out a tracker that I created back in 2016 to mark my progress and I’ve posted on Instagram every this week. I am also posting on my Facebook Practicing Everyday Delights page.


I’m not writing about photography at the moment. The way I see it, it’s all connected and what I do in one area will have a ripple effect on other parts of my work. I continue to be inspired by others every day and I hope you will find a smidgen of inspiration here too.

If you are interested in joining us, please let me know or use the tags below if you are on social media. You only need to commit to 5 to 10 minutes a day. If you aren’t on social media, you can still join in – create a WhatsApp group with friends, or just do it for yourself. We’d love to have you along for the adventure!

#100dayproject2020 #100dayproject #100daychallenge

With love and creative spirit,

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