11.10.2020 Foraging for fungi

Date: 11th Oct 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

A forest walk

Oh my word, I have been away from this diary for a long time – almost a month since I shared any delights with myself and you.

On a seasonably warm and sunny day this week, I went for a walk in a local forest, with the intention of finding fungi. I’m not sure if I’m too early, or too late but I have been struggling to find many this year.

I acknowledged the disappointment I felt as I neared the car park. But. A little clearing to my left, covered with a lush carpet of bright green moss and lots of fallen chestnut casings beckoned to me. I took up the invitation and veered off the main path. It smelled so earthy and shafts of sunshine fell on the leaves and mossy undergrowth. I took a deep breath and bounced up and down on the soft layers under foot.

A single mushroom caught my eye, hugging the bottom of a forked truck. Thinking this was to be the sole “sighting” for the day, I was at least grateful for it and the tiny patterns in the flesh.

Turning to look behind me I saw a small body of water, abstractly reflecting the gorgeous hues of the surrounding trees and leaves.

An ill-defined path led of to the left. Ducking under some branches I was rewarded with an even smaller clearing and a cluster of fungi in varying stages of being.

I was delighted! Look what I found!

This first formation included all stages of development – from new to dying and a lovely variety of colours.

Then I came across this beauty – full of textures and patterns, and a little heart-shaped opening in the top.

Further in, under the trees, I found these two cuties, nestled together – the plumpest of them all.

I must admit to coming out of the clearing feeling refreshed and very grateful for that little collection of fungi hiding with a few meters of the main path.

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