100 Day Project: Week Two

Week 2 of 14
This week has included:

  • Introducing colour into the project
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone of black pens and plain white paper
  • Being inspired by doing activities in #cctheworkbook
  • Using mixed media – ink, watercolour, crosswords and arbitrary papers for collage and backgrounds.

The biggest frustration this week was and is getting the right colours to show up in the photograph compared to the original. I spent way too much time editing to try and get it right. 😏 anyway …
Read the stories from each day below.

Week 2 of 100 Day Art Project Collage – arranged from
Day 7 (top left) to Day 14 (bottom right)

Day 8/100 What to say about this?
Staying with and exploring the circle theme for now. If I stick with this theme, hopefully I can push myself to think a little further out of the box each day. It will be interesting to see the progression over time.
I’m happy with the piece overall, and chuffed with the ink circles – they look like mini, watery planets.
I introduced some colour into the tangles too. What do you think?

1st image: finished piece
2nd image: initial ink work

Day 9/100 Yes!
Entirely chuffed with this piece – ink base, coloured tangles and collage. What do you think?
The other day I was looking through old ink art to see if I could use the back of the paper for inchies. In the process I realised I could “save” some of the more interesting parts if I cut them up into smaller pieces, to use as collage bits and bobs in other pieces.
Not rocket science, but a breakthrough for me 😂

Day 10/100 One tenth of the way through!

Not too happy about this one.
Still working with 3″ x 3″ paper (inchies).
Connections between pieces are still circles, colours and a mixture of ink, doodles and collage.

Day 11/100 1st “learning moment”

This is my first mess, one that I do not like at all. But, it must be posted to show the good and the bad, and the learning moments.
I knew from the moment I put the thick lines around the mushrooms that I’d messed it up. The whole process from then on was to try and fix it. Hence the spots of colour. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.
Never mind – that’s how it goes. The imperfect must sit alongside the others. I consoled myself with some doodles while I watched series. See next post.–

Day 12/100 Things took an unexpectedly delightful turn yesterday
I was doing some exercises from Philippa Stanton’s (@5ftinf) new Conscious Creativity workbook #cctheworkbook and found myself putting colour onto pages of an old book…

Which then turned into these…
1st image: using just the paper for a doodle
2nd image: using practice doodles and other offcuts to build up a collage

So glad I let myself go with the flow of creativity and curiosity

Day 13/100 Day 13 and I’m still here – just
This idea piggybacked off another activity from the ##cctheworkbook – the crossword experiment.
I love spirals, so when I was paging through the crossword mag to find a puzzle for the activity, I bookmarked this one for today’s piece, colouring it in as the base work.

I was very frustrated with it at one point, after doing the doodles. So I took a Scrabble break and came back to it, adding the yellow bits, hoping to lift it a little and being out the yellow dots – breathe life into it.

Day 14/100
One small piece of art a day, one day at a time.

This morning I was thinking about the 100 days, realising that although I’ve done 14, there’s still 86 to go. If I think about the big numbers like that, I’m immobilised with doubt, wondering if I can do it.
So. Onwards with an intention of just doing today’s piece – not thinking about the big picture at all.

About this piece: inchie card covered with page torn from a magazine (swipe to see). Doodle working within the loose outline of the flower on the paper.

Week 2 of 100 Day Art Project Collage – Arranged by colour

Do leave me your thoughts on my 2nd week’s efforts. I really do appreciate feedback!

More about the project:

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