16.10.2020 Of doodles & storage

Date: 16th October 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights


To alleviate my disappointment with the piece I did for day 11, I started doing these doodles while I watch series in the evening. They are also “inchies” – 7.5cm by 7.5cm pieces of card and done purely with black fine liners – at the moment!

I have no idea what they will end up as, but I love doing them – they feel freeing, peaceful and mindful.

Storage and workspace

I have been frustrated with my art working space for a while, because it was crowded onto the dining table and made the living area look really messy. I was also sat looking at the kitchen sink – not a very inspiring view! Now that I am doing a small piece of art everyday, maybe its time to have a dedicated art space?

I spent a few hours last week setting up a new space in my spare bedroom. Part of the process was finding storage solutions for art supplies and for my growing number of “inchies”. This square tin seemed almost made for storing my small works of art!

This may sound quirky but happiness is cute and functional storage solutions! What quirky things make you happy?

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