100 Day Project: Weeks 3 to 6

Weeks 3 to 6 of 14

Hello! I hope you are all well and safe as COVID continues to affect us all. Yes it really has been 4 weeks since I last did an update but thankfully I am still going strong – amazing really! So I’ll try to give a brief idea of how its been going.

I’ve had frustrating days when pieces turned out “less than” … eye catching, together, inspiring, punchy, soothing … any and all of these things. Sigh.

I’ve also had doubts all throughout, of course. I especially worry that I will run out of fresh ideas! I know that’s nonsense but Mergatroid does like to have her say and have something to worry about. My kinder voice says that I just need to show up everyday and see what happens. #showupforyourself

I’ve done so much in these 4 weeks, it’s difficult to know where to start… Let’s start with the one thing that hasn’t changed – I’m still using my variation of “inchies” (3″ x 3″ squares of paper or card).

My kit has expanded somewhat. I’ve dug out materials that I’ve had for decades (and I mean decades) and never used such as gouache and watercolour paints. I’ve been experimenting with them all, starting with playing with them as colours for background washes for the “inchies”. I have moved onto other more challenging things which I’ll come to later.

I also introduced mini themes. I find these help to keep the ideas flowing in some sort of forward direction, otherwise I find myself lost in a sea of too many ideas each day. I’d rather have a brainstorm every few weeks to think about themes than do that everyday! Obviously, if the mood takes me, I will do something outside the theme.

Lots more colour, circles, collage and mixed media

My small pieces are turning out to be an explosion of colour. I’ve done quite a few pieces with sunset and sunshiny colours which are not normally the colour palette I work with, preferring purples, pinks and greens.

I’ve added colour to pages from old books and crossword puzzle magazines, using the puzzles and pages as collage items and I’ve rescued / reworked pieces where I cut the tangle into pieces and made a collage on a black background, using a white gel pen for the detail. I’m loving how I can start with something i.e. a piece of paper with some circles on it and it ends up beyond what I imagined. Loving #goingwiththeflow

‘W’ mini theme

Why Ws?
I’d seen an idea where you choose a letter of the alphabet and try to represent it in different ways. I experimented with doodling ‘w’ in my morning pages. It can be a lovely curvy letter or a sharp pointy one. A few of the doodles reminded my of calligraphy. When I was in my early 20s, I did a lot of calligraphy. Drawing some of these shapes with my calligraphy pens has reminded me of earlier arty pursuits. I really liked some of the ideas, so I did a mini series of 7.

‘W’ mini theme

Tree mini theme

I love trees and photograph them often. To be honest, I’ve always secretly yearned to draw them realistically. But then had an idea that I could do a series of abstract trees for this project instead. Some of the trees are based on zentangle patterns, so they look abstract. But with others, I am actually trying to use inks and watercolours to represent ‘real’ trees. This is where my current learning is. It’s very, very challenging!

This is my current theme, so it brings me up to date. I’m not sure how many I’ll do, but I’ll keep going until I run out of ideas or get frustrated with my painting skills!

Choosing a favourite

On Monday, I woke up with the thought to dig out buttons from my sewing and scrapbooking kits, which I did. I just knew I wanted to do a small inchie tree with them. I had no idea how this would turn out but I’m extraordinarily chuffed with it. I even used thread on some of the buttons to add texture. This is my favourite one for this post – it does change often!

Day 43 – “Button Tree”

So there we have it, an update on the project. If you have any questions or comments, please do leave me a message below. If you are on Instagram you can follow me on @practicingeverydaydelights100, which I have set up specifically for this project.

More about the project:

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