16.11.2020 A small spark of inspiration

Date: 16th November 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Photography

Hunting for half & half photos

I went to mainland England (which the island locals call “North Island”) a few weeks ago to stay with family. Lucky that I did, because England’s Lockdown 2.0 started soon after I got home!

Anyway, I have been bemoaning the fact that my phojo (photography mojo) has deserted me and still seems to be reluctant to come back in any force. Oh well, at least I have my 100 Day Art Project to keep me creative and busy during lockdown.

Of course, there’s a but. *Grin*

One morning whilst I was away, I was luxuriating in my cosy bed in an attic room. The rain was falling softly on the Velux windows and I was content. I looked around the room and realised there were photos all around me just waiting to be taken. I was in someone else’s home and it is a real treasure trove of stuff. In that moment, I was energised, and my phojo came back for a short while.

Using just my mobile phone, I spent the next few days rooting around the house and autumnal garden looking for half and half photos. It is a good fall back theme when I really need one (see end of post for more info).

Here’s some of what I found while I was there.

For me, half and half photos work best in a square format – it’s easier to see the 2 distinct halves. I’m always surprised by the “organic” ones, where the dividing line is not sharply marked but there is still a definite contrast of either shape, colour, texture or pattern. Examples above are the image with green leaves against the red background tree (bottom right block) and the pink bougainvillea against the curtains and radiator. (1st block, bottom right).

I hope you enjoy perusing these. Leave me a comment if you’d like to.

More about the Half and Half theme

I wrote about ongoing themes and series in my Foto Fridays recently. You can read more about how they help me keep my photography practice on track. And you can catch up on other Half and Half project tagged posts here.

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