23.11.2020 An art journal

I’ve started a junk / art journal. It’s an old book that I am using to practice zentangles and doodles and to store some of the draft pieces for my 100 day art project.

I decided on an old book because I can reuse something rather than buying a new book or using clean, new paper all the time. It makes me feel slightly less of a rampant consumer. The words on that pages add interest too!

Through doing this 100 art project, one of the things I’m coming to enjoy is this:

I take a day and browse through Pinterest looking for new zentangle patterns (there are hundreds and each pattern has a name).

Currently I’m browsing for flowing, floral and S shaped patterns.

Then I follow the drawing instructions for the patterns onto a sample sheet, which I store in a flip file. I write the name of each pattern and who designed it.

My non-digital reference folder means I can work offline without using a device – I have to say I love having a break from electronics.

Over the weekend, I did 2 A4 sampler pages of new patterns and then practiced some of them in my new art journal, adding colour at the end.

These are some of the patterns I’ve practiced in the last few days.

I took a whole day for myself and my art. It felt wonderful. It was an excellent way to pass a lockdown, winter Saturday! It can be classified as self care – right?

How are you passing the lockdown days?

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