20 positive things I will remember about 2020

2020 limps into 2021

Hello there and best wishes for 2021!

We all know that 2020 was a tough year for everyone on many levels and it will be easy to remember the sad and terrible things that happened. Our family have also had several traumatic events that were not COVID related and we’ve had more than a handful of cancelled plans.

But, as I was reminded during a family zoom chat last night, lots of good things have also happened which we can be grateful for.

Domestic foraging for wood tones

Here are 20 of mine – not in any particular order! These are unique to me and don’t include any of the good things that have happened to my nearest and dearest! I’ve included links to posts where appropriate.

  1. My household contents arrived from South Africa in the first week of January and I was able to sleep on a bed for the first time in 3 months. Unpacking my treasured collections that had been in storage for 2 years was such a treat.
  2. Through the many months of being on my own during the series of lockdowns, my self-care routines are extremely important: eating as well as I can, drinking water, walking, maintaining my bedtime yoga practice, meditating, writing Morning Pages, making art, taking photographs, doing word puzzles, playing my daily Words With Friends game
  3. Having my new job postponed for a year and having to claim government benefits for the first time in my life. How grateful I am for that support and for the job being available for me to start this year.
  4. Unexpectedly spending 3 months in the summer with my son because of the pandemic
  5. Celebrating my 56th birthday and my son’s 21st with family in September in Virginia Water – we had the event outside so we could social distance and the weather gods smiled upon us!
  6. The amazing support and generosity I’ve received from my family this year in so many ways; seeing and reconnecting with my sisters, building firmer, stronger relationships with nieces, nephews and others
  7. On one of the hottest days in the summer, we spent a few hours at the beach and swam in the sea until the tide went out
  8. Cooking a turkey roast with all the trimmings for two of us the first time in my life on Christmas Day
  9. Getting a paid temporary job during lockdown was something I’d never dreamed of. It was not an easy job but I can say that I helped to get food to those who needed it during that time
  10. Examining my own white privilege and learning how to be anti-racist – unlearning so much that I’ve been taught and conditioned to believe
  11. Collecting moments and everyday delights, and some domestic foraging
  12. Showing up to be creative even when times have been extraordinarily hard. Finding also that one way to support showing up is to have a dedicated working space so that things do not need to be packed and unpacked all the time
  13. Doing the A-Z Challenge here on WordPress in April with my little Lego friend Dabelle
  14. The accidental discovery of the joy of Zentangling was my first excursion down a non-photography related path this year.
  15. Receiving Austin Kleon’s books (Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work! and Keep Going.) and Philippa Stanton’s Conscious Creativity Workbook for my birthday. Doing some of the activities in the workbook opened me up creatively. It was a space where I could create without a purpose. It also nudged me into thinking I might be able to make some art!
  16. I ventured further down the non-photography path to start a 100 day project at the end of September when my mental health was at its lowest point. I found focus and a way to calm my anxiety by doing this.
  17. From this 100 day project, I began an art / junk journal – an opportunity to play, be messy and make ugly art if I want to
  18. Re-branding this blog, resurrecting Foto Fridays, starting to write daily Delight Diaries and sending out 2-weekly Delight Digest newsletters
  19. Another unexpected positive has come from living on benefits. I’ve had to learn to live within a strict budget and have pared down my expenditure and culled frivolous and unnecessary spending from my life. Lockdowns and other COVID restrictions help of course, because we cannot to anywhere to spend money anyway! When I go food shopping and I spend less than my budget, I am over the moon. A small silver lining, I suppose.
  20. And finally, the blessings of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video (when I can afford it) and reading

So there you have it – 20 reasons for me to think positively about 2020. It has actually helped to write this post and to drag through my memories of this year to find positives.

And what of 2021 for me? Who knows. I’ve not made resolutions or set intentions. One day at a time, methinks.

What about you? What positives can you find from 2020? Have you set intentions for this year?

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