My 2020 in numbers

Life stats for 2020

As a primary maths specialist, I love numbers and how they work and I’m also an avid follower of Numerology. I saw someone do a similar thing on Instagram and it seemed a good idea to think about my 2020 in numbers.

When I started this process this morning, I had no idea that I could ‘measure’ so many things in my life – I was hugely surprised! And it is great that so many apps I use, collect this kind of data if you want it.

I suppose the things I have shown in my list reflect where my life interests lie because I haven’t logged exercise or the distances / steps I walked, or the calories I’ve eaten! Big grin.

My 2020 in numbers

In 2020 I have…

  • Sent out 10 Delight Digest newsletters
  • Posted more than 500 times on Instagram across 3 accounts
  • Created more than 130 pieces of small art for my 100 day art project
  • Filled 3 journals of handwritten Morning Pages (approx 600 pages) and I’m currently on journal number 17 because I started doing this in 2017
  • Published 90 blog posts totalling 32,000 words
  • Completed 2 creative challenges – A to Z Challenge and 100 days art project
  • Read 12 books (I would have liked this to be more – sigh)
  • Watched at least 14 series some of which contained more than one season such as Call The Midwife and The Last Kingdom
  • Done 371 meditations totalling 112 hours (an average of 18 minutes a day)
  • Played 9.99kms of tiles in Words With Friends game
  • Had 6 or more major planned activities cancelled – all with family
  • Been in at least 12 social zoom meetings – quizzes and catch ups plus some for tutoring
  • Applied for 12 jobs – one of which I am hoping to start in March after it was postponed for a year
  • Been living on the Isle of Wight for 14 months
  • Tutored 10 IOW students in primary maths before the pandemic took hold
  • Made 14 ferry crossing to and from the mainland and have flown once
  • Been single for 14 years and still loving it!

I think I may do this again next year – it was good fun. Have you ever tried this?

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