Sort of reviewing my 100 day art project

Hello there!

If you follow me here or on Instagram, you may know that I have recently completed a 100 day project to have something small and creative to look forward to each day to get through winter and the pandemic! My parameters were:

  • A new Instagram account to track the project, Practicing Everyday Delights 100
  • A variation of “inchies” (7.5 cm c 7.5 cm (3″ by 3″) and are cut from white scrapbooking paper and a coarser mixed media paper (250 gsm)
  • Fine liners, black sharpie, pencil
  • Drawing inks and brushes
  • Watercolour crayons (maybe)

So now what?

I have a few plans but feel a little overwhelmed by so much to work through. I’ve made over 130 pieces and taken more than 400 photographs. Yikes! So there will be a pause while is process finishing the project and where to go next. But I hope to:

  • Create videos to make sense of what I’ve created
  • I also want to write about what I’ve learnt by doing this project
  • Do something with the physical pieces! Make wall art, posters – something
  • I really want to put some designs onto my Redbubble shop. Which ones? To be decided!

In the meantime the photographer in me wanted to take pics of my #inchie pieces before I start playing with / sorting them. I had them all neatly held together with lace and elastic (practical and pretty!!) Here’s 4 views – from the top, the side and with a ruler

I get the sense that I may continue to make small art combining it with my art journaling and zentangling. With #lockdown3 in progress I have time to do some of these things before I hopefully start my postponed job in just over 70 days!

With love and creative spirit,

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