19.01.2021 Boredom is setting in

Date: 19th January 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

Dealing with lockdown boredom

3rd lockdown in England
Living on my own on an island
No pets to worry about
No wonderful outings or drives around the island
Unemployed at the moment and on a tight, tight budget
How to collect moments?
How to maintain practicing everyday delights?

Gosh. I know I should not complain, because I have been given the gift of time, but occupying myself is turning into a daily challenge.

I’ve vowed that I will not watch Netflix until at least 6pm everyday, otherwise I will get sucked into binge watching. So, I’m looking for other things to do.

Walking – yup, but we can only walk from out home to exercise and for an hour a day, so no photography excursions!

I have my art projects. I am pretty good at occupying my time with these and using as many recycled materials and old supplies as I can as I simply don’t have spare cash to buy new stuff – and I feel better using old things anyway. I thought I could but I’ve found that I cannot do art all day, every day…

I’ve found myself doing such arb things sometimes – like raiding my ribbon stash and making whimsical and pretty decorations for my bulldog clips (not quite sure what they’re called these days!).

A long while ago, I customised by bulldog clips with washi tape and now I’m enhancing them with ribbons and bows. The best part of the process is finding the perfect piece of ribbon to match the washi tape!

Some of this ribbon I have had for decades and I’ve used it multiple times in so many ways. This is this piece’s latest incarnation.

Have you done any arb things during lockdown that made you wonder?

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