23.01.2021 More boredom busters

Date: 23rd January 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

Calligraphy pens for doodling

The other day I was trying to work out how I could use liquid ink to draw some of my favourite zentangle patterns without using fine liners. I tried various brushes, crayons etc and then remembered that I have calligraphy pens and nibs in my stationery toolbox.

Thinking back, I last used these about 30 years ago for actual calligraphy projects! I remember doing two very large, distinct projects: a Desiderata for my sister and Chief Seattle’s speech for my then-husband.

Ahem, back to this story. After some experimentation and a few hours had passes, I found 2 nibs that work fabulously for drawing florals with ink and doing some lettering on art journal pages. Happiness!

Then, being in flow, I moved onto drawing all my favourite florals using the calligraphy pen and really getting to grips with how it works after so long.

You will know if you read this blog that I collect moments and memories in visual form through photographs. It’s only natural then I had to take a photo or two to record the occasion. This is the only photography I am really doing at the moment (taking pics of my art to post on Instagram and some more arty, close up ones for fun), so I challenge myself to find a way to record what I am doing in a pleasing way using my detail and composition with visual elements – my visual voice:

  • Light / shadow / reflection
  • Texture / pattern
  • Shape / line / form
  • Space / perspective

Even this bog standard “record” photographs capture some of those elements – shape and line.

What’s your favourite tool for doodling with?

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