06.02.2021 Routines

Date: 6th February 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

Documenting a favourite routine

A year or so ago I switched using loose tea leaves for my favourite brew, when I found out that so many tea bags leave a residue of plastic when they decompose (apart from PG Tips!) And something good has come out of this change (apart from an environmental one) – I’ve discovered by using loose leaves that I pay more attention to making my first pot of tea in the morning – I’m much more engaged and in the moment than I am when I just throw tea bags in the pot and let them brew on their own.

This last week, I had the notion to document my morning tea making routine with photos (yes, the crazy things I do in lockdown!).

Here is the series – lots of circles and shadows!

What crazy things have you done in lockdown?

Until next time,

8 thoughts on “06.02.2021 Routines

  1. CASTIX777 says:

    When I go thru heavy depression patches, I find it helpful to write down what I do. little things. Like -got out bed -made tea – brushed teeth – showered -made something to eat -washed clothes …. the simple little things that are so incredibly hard to do when you are empty and at the bottom of the pit, are small victories. Little ticks or dots that you can add up each day to encourage yourself to keep trying. Something i learnt from you is try sharing something creative online daily. The important thing is to try … and even if you fail … try again the next day

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  2. claudiarachel says:

    I’ve just been listening to a podcast about the importance of ritual in life, the way you have paid attention and intentionally made it special is so important. I do a similar thing with french press coffee. Next task is to spend time over the drink and not get distracted (or is that just me.)

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  3. traceyr1984 says:

    I love tea but being an American I just make it one mug at a time. Maybe it is time for me to try something new! The crazy thing I am doing is with my blog for February. The number of words in the post = the day of the month and I have been taking photos to go along with that. It has actually been a lot of fun. It feels good to be silly!

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