05.04.2021 Joy lists & focus lists

Date: 5th April 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

We all have to-do lists, right? And sadly they never seem to end. Mine usually contain lists of things to be done that focus on work, family and our homes – the humdrum of life. There’s usually a huge gap in self-care and creativity to-dos i.e. that time we need for ourselves to re-charge, reflect and relax. And, for me at least, they are not something I take delight it. I’ve recently re-started my practice of making Focus Lists and Joy Lists – which do help me focus on delights!

What’s a Focus List?

Back in February 2019, I decided to do something different – intentional planning. Every Sunday, I think about what I want to focus on in these areas of my life with intentionality. Note the intentional inclusion of creativity and self / spirituality categories. I use an A4 page and divide it into sections, adding only the things for the week ahead (I have also done a Focus List for the year before now!).

  • Prosperity and Work (financials, passive income etc)
  • Home Space (expression of myself)
  • Creativity (art, photography, writing – includes blogging and social media ideas)
  • Self and Spirituality (nourishing myself, artist dates, morning pages, yoga, mediation, walks etc)
  • Experiences and people

My practice wasn’t so successful when I wasn’t working during the COVID pandemic, but I’ve begun again since I started working. It’s still a to-do list but for me it does make me think about about other aspects of my life and how I want them to be. These are the small actions that I need to take on a regular basis to work towards my broader life intentions i.e. they do not get forgotten in the living of life!

And a Joy List?

I also used to make a “beautiful moments to have” list for the week ahead – small, simple things that I was looking forward to that would bring joy to my days. But that also fell by the wayside in the last year. Sigh. An recent Instagram post reminded me to try it again. So far I’m keeping this list separate from my big Focus List but actually the items come out of putting that list together – some of the delights that I want have in the week ahead. Maybe they could become a collection of Delight Diaries!

Here’s the lists for the last 2 weeks.

What small things are you anticipating this week?

I’d love to hear about your approaches to list making and if they include space for self-care, creativity and the small joys in life. Oh, if you are on Instagram, I’m hoping to share my Joy List every Monday. Find me at PracticingEverydayDelights.

13 thoughts on “05.04.2021 Joy lists & focus lists

  1. CASTIX777 says:

    This is a great idea … moving out of survival mode and into purposeful delighting in the gift of life. I really enjoy yoir newsletters and ideas and watching your development reminds me that it IS possible xxx.

    Liked by 1 person

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