06.04.2020 Currently …

A snapshot of life at this moment in time

10 things on my mind today

  1. Remembering… my nephew who died of cancer a year ago yesterday
  2. Contemplating… cutting my own hair. Its too long and heavy, looks like rats tails and I do not like it!
  3. Watching… my wildflower seeds growing steadily every day (see the pic above)
  4. Sipping… my hot mug of tea and noticing the regular tick of the clock, the hum of the extractor fan in the bathroom and the howling wind outside.
  5. Appreciating… an unexpected week off work and using that time to create, create, create – and rest
  6. Welcoming… the urge to write my blog again – its been too long and I miss it
  7. Recalling… how excited I feel when I know that I have a photo to take today guided by a prompt, and the anticipation that brings, and how it feels in my body
  8. Delighting… in spring – renewal, freshness, new growth all around me!
  9. Acknowledging… that I’m tired of lockdowns and restrictions, as most of us are. Even for me, as a person who loves my alone time and living on my own – it’s enough.
  10. Avoiding… housework – always!

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