08.04.2021 Scraps diaries

Date: 8th April 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Creativity

This is another art post, but would appeal to anyone who does scrapbooking or enjoys making non-digital photo collages.

Creating a scraps diary is one of my favourite creative tools at the moment.

What is a scraps diary?

Autumn (an artist who posts on Instagram) shared her idea on Instagram and it has taken off in a big way! This is what she (@autumn_moon_art) says about it:

“Sifting through my scraps (a large amount let me tell you!), I could see how they told the story of my recent arting. So I came up with this simple visual diary – a record of my month in scraps. Unadorned, letting them tell their story just as they are”


Her original guidelines for the diary are listed below, although if you look at the posts on Instagram with the tag #scrapsdiary you’ll see people are taking it in many directions, just as I am doing!

• A GRID, any size, as many as you like for the month
• SIMPLE, unadorned, non-over-lapped
• Use under papers , failed experiments, left-over collage bits…..
• Use #scrapsdiary and tag me @autumn_moon_art

My scraps diaries – a new Everyday Delight

I am one of those people who have taken to making these diaries wholeheartedly as a creative practice. I’ve made 9 so far, and each one feels different! I love the whole process of deciding on a theme or colour palette, finding the scraps, arranging them and finally gluing them in place. Sometimes, I even make a tiny collage in one square to get the papers into a geometric format. That and the variety of papers and mediums means that the end result has texture too (hopefully, if you zoom in on some of the images, you will see some textures).

I’ve described the process as magical. I become so absorbed in my scraps (their shapes and colours) and its calming and peaceful. Plus, there is no pressure to create anything perfect or to make a product. The aim is simply to use up paper scraps in a fun and interesting way. Plus plus – its zero tect – no phone, no computer, just scissors, glue and paper!

Aaaah – what a delight this process is! A new Everyday Delight for me to add to my list.

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