Foto Fridays: 31 days of smiles

Date: 30th April 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Foto Fridays

Hi there. It’s Friday and time for a Foto Fridays post. How are you all doing?

You may know that I have been doing Susannah Conway’s April Love challenge 9#AprilLove2021) which she hosts on Instagram. I needed a push and a reason to take photos again and I know from past experience that daily prompts are a good way to get back into the groove.

I’ve enjoyed the April Love challenge so much, that a friend and I decided to put together our own prompts for May. My friend wants to start taking photos each day and I suggested she try this way of getting into a daily practice.

The world revolves around routines and structure, as humans we seem to thrive on structure (well most of us do!). The comforting structure of posting every day and learning to be intentional about taking a photograph can become part of our daily routines.

So much of what I’ve learnt about being a photographer has come from my photo-a-day practice and my small Lego friend Dabelle (who is the heroine and sometimes author of Wacky Wednesdays) is also a product of that.

So if you’re feeling in a photography rut, or you’ve lost your mojo, you just feel like a change, or you just want to smile for a month, you are most welcome to join us!

Why the “Smile for a Month”?

May is national Smile Month in the UK, so we’ve adopted that as our hashtag (#SmileForAMonth). I know that I certainly could do with a daily reminder to smile more!

We’d love to have you along for the month. You can do all / some of the prompts, make the challenge your own, invite your friends. You can share images on your blog or on social media. If you are on Instagram, I’ll see them if you use the tag.

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21 thoughts on “Foto Fridays: 31 days of smiles

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Thanks! I have been missing the April Love stuff because I can’t do that AND the A to Z at the same time. May is always a let down month it seems so you’ve given me something to look forward to.

    Liked by 1 person

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