08.05.2021 Living the dream?

Date: 8th May 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Everyday Delights

My idea of living the dream

“Living the dream” is today’s prompt in our Smile For A Month (#SmileForAMonth) photo challenge. Pondering what to post, I began to think about what the phrase means to me. I took some time to think about this because I profess to try and live in the moment, being present as much as I can. Am I chasing an unreachable dream or maybe, I might even have achieved it already?

In my mind’s eye I have a very strong vision of what I’d like my “ideal” life to look and feel like. Here’s some of the things I dream of:

  • A home located within sight of woodlands and /or water [not yet]
  • A home flooded with light and snapshots of pretty views from windows [the 1st part]
  • Places in my home where I can “follow the light” throughout the day [yes]
  • My home being earthy, quirky, colourful, cosy and safe [yes]
  • Getting into nature from my home easily – I can access beaches, woods, rivers without a long drive [yes]
  • Having time to create – a work /life balance [yes]
  • Having a steady income from multiple sources [yes]
  • Having the comfort of family and friends live close by [not really]

How much of this do I currently have?

I could score my current situation 5.5 out of these 8 things, which is more than half. So, not too bad really.

Even though the current location of my home doesn’t give me views of woodlands or water, it does give me access to the town centre with a 10 minute walk. It is centrally placed on the island, so I can go any direction I want when I explore. Also, I can see Carisbrooke Castle from the outside hallway! It does have certain advantages.

Getting into nature easily is one aspect of living on the Isle of Wight that I love. A 10 minute car drive will get me to a castle, a river, various forests and woodlands, whilst a 15 to 20 minute drive opens up another whole bag of possibilities – beaches, harbours, rivers, hills and vistas, dramatic views over the English Channel and the Solent and more!

Does that mean I am living my dream?

Maybe it does, or maybe my criteria aren’t comprehensive enough? No, all joking aside, I am quite happy here. My dream is a simple one – enough money to live on and to allow me to be creative, curious and explore at a local level. I have done the big holidays, the overseas travel and so many other things – all I’m after now is calmness and serenity.

An example

Last Bank Holiday weekend, on the advice of an elderly lady tending a local cemetery, I trundled off to find Combley Great Wood. She also told me to turn right at the main entrance. Why? I was bluebell hunting! Thank goodness I followed her advice, because I found them… oceans of them, a riot of purply-blue wildflowers flourishing under the yet-to-leaf trees, punctuated by yellow buttercups and white, wild anemones.

The scene took my breath away. I was cocooned in the soft green and purple light of the woods, entirely alone apart from the insects, birds and the trees creaking in the wind. For that moment, I was in heaven.

I’ve come to the realisation that trying to capture the beauty of bluebells in a photograph is one of the hardest things to do – but I keep trying! Here’s some of what enthralled me. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

My take away from this is this: so often we are busy chasing our “dreams” and looking to the future to notice that we might actually be living most of that dream already – if we could just stop long enough to notice and appreciate what we have.

Are you living your dream? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment.

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