Photo project announcement!

Date: 8th November 2021
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Photography

When did I last write a blog post? 14th May this year! Oh my gosh! It’s been an interesting time … I started back at full time work after 2 years and I guess that has been taking a large chunk of my energy. Finding time to keep my creativity alive, has been my biggest priority – oh, and sleep!

What has actually made me sit down and write this one?

I am about to embark on a new photography project, and I’m not waiting until 1st January to start it! Share it and start it – while the enthusiasm is with me.

I have been reminded recently by photographers and other people I follow, that committing to an ongoing challenge or project is the way to make a body of work. A big nudge came from Cindy @cindy_cavanagh when she presented a coffee book she’d recently made from her own “Duets” photography project.

Since then I’ve been thinking about what I could do – I really need a focus for my photography practice and a reason to go out and about with my “big” camera. I have done multiple 365 photo-a-day projects. Various A-Z blogging challenges here on WordPress. I feel that a 52-week project might work and fit in with working full time – where I can produce one image a week for a year .

Then there’s the question of what. Here’s some threads I brought together:

  • I’m an holistic photographer and I take photographs of the small, tiny things that perhaps other people don’t notice that much. I have literally hundreds of detail photographs, many of which never see the light of day.
  • I live on the beautiful Isle of Wight off the South Coast of England and since I moved here I have been exploring the abundance of wonderful places it offers – from coastlines, to woodlands, to hilltops.
  • It makes sense for my project to centre around that and include the details. At least that way, I will be producing a body of work that records what I find so beautiful about this island!

And the actual project? I’ll share more about that tomorrow, coz there’s a lot more to say!

PS: it’s not about birds as the image might suggest!

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