eBook launch – final post

This is my final post in which I share snippets from my upcoming eBook "Documenting a 100 Happy Days project".

2 weeks to go…

Sharing themes and images from my eBook

An excerpt from my eBook

I'd like to share an excerpt from the book with you so you can get a sense of it.

4 weeks to go… insights

In this post, I want to share more insights into my "Documenting a 100 Happy Days Project" eBook.

The countdown begins

The countdown begins. I am about to publish my first eBook on Everyday Delights.  The book is called "Documenting a 100 Happy Day Project" which is a compilation of posts from my first blog in 2015. That original blog site has now disappeared. This book is a two part compilation of those stories and high-quality photographs from 2015 written for the blog.