What would your superpower be?

I was browsing through a list of writing prompts - looking for inspiration. I came across the one that asks what my superpower would be or what my superhero name would be. Then I remembered that I'd asked my family that same question and written about it a while back, but never posted it. Here's … Continue reading What would your superpower be?

Supplied for the Public Service

My father-in-law (more accurately, my ex-father-in-law) worked as a civil engineer in public service after the Second World War in the UK. When he passed in 2002, I 'inherited' a number of his storage boxes.

Bonding and bingeing

I am blessed that he is still in the same town as me - for now. It means I can see him regularly.

Share Your World: Curious about my ancestors

I started this post like I do every time. I copied in the prompts. I start writing my thoughts under each one. I paused when I read the third one. To be honest, I was not sure it was something I was interested in answering. How on earth would I know the names of people who were alive over 100 years ago? We are not the kind of family that have passed down family stories from generation to generation, so these are not things that I know.

The Glazing Queen: Julie Dunwoodie

My sister Julie is also an accomplished watercolour artist. On a hot, sticky summer’s day late last December, we sat down together with a cup of tea and we chatted about her art.