A fistful of feathers

Hi there everyone. Sorry I've been absent for a while. I've got just 6 days left to finish off my book proposal for the Hay House contest and as you can imagine that is taking up all of my time and energies. I'm hoping to be back into posting next week. In the meantime, this … Continue reading A fistful of feathers

Staying connected and attention

I've been complaining of a lack of connection to myself and others. I've felt untethered, like I'm bobbing around in the ocean without an anchor. Julia Cameron writes that for creative and artistic people, "attention is a way to connect and survive". In fact she encourages us to immerse ourselves in the flow of life and pay close attention.

Shelly’s Bigfoot Affirmations™: For a Groovy State of Mind

Shelly came up with and illustrated seven Bigfoot Affirmations™ for a groovy state of mind. After each affirmation, she's included a question and an activity in case you want to practice some of the ideas contained in the affirmations. They are certainly one-part silly, but they are also two-parts serious. I had to share as … Continue reading Shelly’s Bigfoot Affirmations™: For a Groovy State of Mind