A wake up call for busyness

The Unbusy Manifesto written by Jonathan Fields (of The Good Life Project) is well worth a read if you feel that you are reacting to life rather than living it intentionally. If you feel you are being dragged through life (as he puts it), then make a choice to give yourself some 'me time', grab … Continue reading A wake up call for busyness

Nurturing a meditationā€‹ practice with Insight Timer

One of the practices I wanted to take on board last year was meditating. My learning took me down the path of wanting to do short meditations to help me sleep and de-stress and the sleep sounds on the Relax Melodies app were not working. I looked at apps like Headspace; Calm; Stop Breathe Think … Continue reading Nurturing a meditationā€‹ practice with Insight Timer

Anticipation: an every day delight!

I love this extract from one of Gretchen Rubin's blog posts in 2007 about anticipationĀ (and one of her more recent posts). "Pleasant anticipation is an important source of happiness; having something to look forward to makes you ā€œfeel goodā€ and may also give an ā€œatmosphere of growthā€ to your life, because the future seems bright. … Continue reading Anticipation: an every day delight!

Waiting to be part of the pack

Last December, we went to a local game reserve as a family. Our accommodation was in a fenced off area so our dogs could come too, without disturbing the game. There was a large open-air area for communal cooking and eating, which conveniently had gates to keep animals out. When he wasn't chasing dragonflies around … Continue reading Waiting to be part of the pack

What’s in my bag: 10 essentials when I travel

Soon I will be going to an overseas conference for work and I recently came back from a local one. I travel a lot, for work and pleasure, locally and internationally. I must admit that packing (and unpacking) are my least favourite parts of the whole experience. Apart from the things you'd expect like money, … Continue reading What’s in my bag: 10 essentials when I travel

Quirky wall displays

I love quirky decor and wall displays. You know - decor that isĀ different or unusualĀ butĀ in a good way. For me, quirky decor is about the creative juxtapositionĀ of items, re-using sold stuff in original ways, striking colour combinations and so on. For me, the arrangement of the items in the pic below is an example of … Continue reading Quirky wall displays

Pause. Celebrate. Smell the roses.

May we congratulate ourselves for all that we did get done this week, rather than criticising ourselves for not doing more. Pat yourself on the back, dear one. [Kris Carr] I saw this post on Facebook recently which really struck a chord with me. For a long while I have thought that we don't celebrate … Continue reading Pause. Celebrate. Smell the roses.