Thursday Thort: Decoding experiential understanding

I could watch hours and hours of Masterchef Australia. But that doesn't make me a better cook, let alone a MasterChef. Watching, thinking or reading about something is not enough. I learn best by doing or from my own experience. Experiential understanding...

Thursday Thort: Not real

The magazine image had called to me on a deep enough level to engage my emotions.  Writing "not real" was the physical manifestation of my emotional reaction. The message in the "Little Miss Perfect" essay. The validation I felt.  They needed my conscious attention.  Why?

on keeping a travel journal

With only have between 7300 and 7000 days (if I live to 70 or 75!) left to have adventures, I really want to experience my travels with awareness and joy - not just see them as a list of places to be ticked off.  I am making a promise to myself, this time it will be different. I will keep a traveler's journal.

5 reasons to love everyday inspiration

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final day of Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration We hope these prompts have encouraged you to brainstorm and write in new ways and introduced you to new tools and resources. I just got this message in the email and felt a little sad - the course is finished. Already? I will miss … Continue reading 5 reasons to love everyday inspiration