What would your superpower be?

I was browsing through a list of writing prompts - looking for inspiration. I came across the one that asks what my superpower would be or what my superhero name would be. Then I remembered that I'd asked my family that same question and written about it a while back, but never posted it. Here's … Continue reading What would your superpower be?

on keeping a travel journal

With only have between 7300 and 7000 days (if I live to 70 or 75!) left to have adventures, I really want to experience my travels with awareness and joy - not just see them as a list of places to be ticked off.  I am making a promise to myself, this time it will be different. I will keep a traveler's journal.

Six word stories in crystal ball shots

I love using my crystal ball for photos. They don't always work out, but when they do, I'm really happy with the way they show the world. Here's some I've done in the past. I also love six word stories, you can read some of my other posts with them! And a combination of both … Continue reading Six word stories in crystal ball shots