Bees, bugs, birds – A week in the winter garden

Its mid-winter here, and as I write we are on our way to the shortest day of the year. Winter is when the deep orange aloes come to life in the wild, along the roads and in the gardens. The brightly coloured, tubular flowers that are filled with nectar are a welcome source of food … Continue reading Bees, bugs, birds – A week in the winter garden

eBook insights – final post

This is my final post in which I share snippets from my eBook "Documenting a 100 Happy Days project".

Dabelle’s diary [3] – the joys of canine companions

"Being Small" - Stories from Dabelle's Diary

365 photo projects and daily well-being

I was thrilled when someone on the community drew our attention to a recent academic article called “The daily digital practice as a form of self-care: Using photography for everyday well-being” in the journal Health. The thrust of the article is that the practice of doing a 365 photo project has complex benefits and can be linked to the improvement of everyday well-being. For a long time, I've had my own thoughts about the benefits of these types of projects, and whilst they are not a cure-all for everyone, I certainly have had only good things to say about them. I really believe that my life has improved because of my ongoing project.

Dabelle’s diary [2]

"Being Small" - Stories from Dabelle's Diary

Thursday Thort: He wrapped himself​ in quotations

A Rudyard Kipling quote got me thinking about my favourite colour, purple.

Dabelle’s diary [1]

"Being Small" - Stories from Dabelle's Diary

Being small – upcoming adventures

"Being Small" - Stories from Dabelle's Diary

Soul-less May Half and Half 2018

Musings on 2018's Half and Half theme

April 365 Project – Travel Shots

I have always said to myself that I am NOT a landscape photographer. I tend to gravitate towards details and macros; shapes, patterns and textures and you can see some of those kinds of shots in my monthly posts. But I think I am beginning to understand how to compose a landscape shot and to make it my own - developing a style in this genre I suppose. If I look closely at them, I can also see shapes, textures and patterns within the bigger picture - my core style elements.