Square Sky December [1]

Roll on chill time! December is a mainly a holiday month for us here in South Africa, when we have our long summer break. Most businesses shut down around the 15th or 22nd and won't open again until the first or second week of January. ¬†The university where I work finishes tomorrow. The first two … Continue reading Square Sky December [1]

Anatomy of a thunderstorm

Recently, as a thunderstorm approached I was around to see how it developed. Of course, I had my camera to capture it.¬†I live on a hill that overlooks the town and have taken a ton of photographs with the tag ‚Äėview from my lounge‚Äô. I am so fortunate to have a stunning view which changes … Continue reading Anatomy of a thunderstorm


One Word Sunday brought to use by Travel With Intent is asking for photos inspired by the word 'potty' Here's my interpretation and no, its not the kind that you immediately think of. ¬†And because my son is way past that stage I couldn't find one if I wanted to ūüėČ

Six word stories in crystal ball shots

I love using my crystal ball for photos. They don't always work out, but when they do, I'm really happy with the way they show the world. Here's some I've done in the past. I also love six word stories, you can read some of my other posts with them! And a combination of both … Continue reading Six word stories in crystal ball shots

Frame the future in blue

You have to be in it to win it!


This week's prompt for OneWordSunday is "Count". Dabelle and her little dog Oscar went to explore some of the things in my office that could be used for counting. As I work with young learners in maths, my office is a treasure trove!

Curves, six-word‚Äč stories & orange

It has been such a week. On one hand it felt like October would never end, but on the other, it went in a flash. The flexible nature of time, I suppose. I have had no time to write any posts or take photos, even though there are loads of good challenges happening. So, I thought I'd do one post with multiple challenges for this week.

Shadowy Sunday

A weekend away with the express purpose of relaxing and chilling - nothing planned and no schedules to keep to. The sun streams through the bedroom windows, telling me its a lovely day. The outdoors beckons. I venture outside with my camera.

Thursday doors – Veltrusy Castle

I don't mind old buildings, in fact, I have a ''thing" for them, especially doors and windows - photographically of course! They have so much character and could tell so many stories if only they were able to talk.

Seven-day‚Äč b&w challenge – all in one post

I've lost my mojo and my phojo!