Transitions: Dancing with others

Thursday 28th March 2019, England, Day 54 This quote came up on one of Colette Baron-Reid's Spirit Animal cards. The message was that maintaining integrity and inner equilibrium whilst adapting to life's changes are crucial so as not to get lost. "Adapting isn't about losing yourself. It is about learning how to dance with others." … Continue reading Transitions: Dancing with others

Nurturing a meditationā€‹ practice with Insight Timer

One of the practices I wanted to take on board last year was meditating. My learning took me down the path of wanting to do short meditations to help me sleep and de-stress and the sleep sounds on the Relax Melodies app were not working. I looked at apps like Headspace; Calm; Stop Breathe Think … Continue reading Nurturing a meditationā€‹ practice with Insight Timer

Thursday Thort: Decoding experiential understanding

IĀ could watch hours andĀ hours of MasterchefĀ Australia. But thatĀ doesn't make me a better cook, let alone a MasterChef. Watching, thinking or reading about something is not enough. I learn best by doing or from my own experience. Experiential understanding...

An exercise in re-framing the past

This year has been an introspective one for me. A time of re-acquainting myself with ā€œmeā€. A time to be a student of my own life. Lots of time alone. Iā€™ve done a lot of reading. A lot of personal growth courses. Iā€™ve felt up and Iā€™ve felt down. Recently, I decided it was time … Continue reading An exercise in re-framing the past

Living joyfully: My Simple Abundance Journey

Have you ever read a book that you come back to again and again? "Simple Abundance: A daybook of comfort and joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach (pronounced ā€œBon Brannockā€) is the non-fiction book that I return to over and over again. Read about my relationship to this comforting book.