The Effect of an Artist Date?

So I was inspired to do something crafty and creative again. Was the need to be creative a result of my first Artist Date, the gathering on Monday or a combination of both?

Taking care is an act of awareness

via Take care of your thoughts — Zen Flash This post appeared in my Reader feed today and it reminded me how damaging both our thoughts and words can be - to ourselves and others. Worth re-blogging as a Sunday reflection, my version of a Sunday sermon. Taking care is an act of awareness. It … Continue reading Taking care is an act of awareness

An excerpt from my eBook – insights [2]

I'd like to share an excerpt from the book with you so you can get a sense of it.

A peek into the ebook … insights [1]

In this post, I want to share some insights into my "Documenting a 100 Happy Days Project" eBook.

Why publish an ebook?

The countdown begins. I am about to publish my first eBook on Everyday Delights.  The book is called "Documenting a 100 Happy Day Project" which is a compilation of posts from my first blog in 2015. That original blog site has now disappeared. This book is a two part compilation of those stories and high-quality photographs from 2015 written for the blog.

What would your superpower be?

I was browsing through a list of writing prompts - looking for inspiration. I came across the one that asks what my superpower would be or what my superhero name would be. Then I remembered that I'd asked my family that same question and written about it a while back, but never posted it. Here's … Continue reading What would your superpower be?

Seeing the light of day: my shop is live!

My shop page has been languishing in the dark for so long. I thought I would bring it back into the light! I launched my Documenting a 100 Happy Days eBook about a year ago, a little prematurely. Over the next few days, I'll re-blog the details about my eBook. I'll also be offering the eBook … Continue reading Seeing the light of day: my shop is live!


As part of my new daily post themes, this is my first post for my new Monday Musings - ruminations, cogitations, dreams, thoughts and musings about daily life - all the while searching for those hidden Everyday Delights. I love public holidays. They are little oases of space amidst the routine of normal life. Just perfect … Continue reading “Bee-ing”

A Blog Spring Clean

Autumn greetings, readers! Do you feel the need to update your blog occasionally to keep it fresh and engaging? In South Africa, it's early autumn not spring! But I felt the need to do a little spring cleaning on my blog this weekend and to re-structure a little bit. We've had a few public holidays recently. I … Continue reading A Blog Spring Clean

Honoring What I Love [With An Adjustment]

Musings on engaging with books in different media…
To read real books or electronic books? The best of both worlds?
Paardje has put into words exactly what I tend to do subconsciously. Like her, I love the smell and feel of real books and I love to add sticky notes and underline passages in my favourite colour pens until my books become “well-loved”… But that happens less with fiction books, which I do read on my Kindle, especially when I am travelling.
This is a situation where both work well, and I don’t need to stress about making an either-or choice. It is possible to have the best of both worlds!

Of Snailmail, Books & Vanities

sunday slow down 2 I have a Kindle fire tablet that I’ve had since early 2012.  There are already a gazillion books on there but, honestly, I use it for games 80% of the time 😏

Recently when I asked my daughter whether she wanted ebook versions of the series she’s reading now she immediately responded with “No, I want to be able to smell them” 😄

The succinctness of her response made me take an honest look at what I have been denying myself ever since I came to Batam- the pleasure of my 1st love: real, physical books ❤️ It might seem silly but the feel of a real book in my hands just adds another level of pleasure to the reading experience.  I also do like burying my nose between the pages for a good whiff! 😘

But getting my hands on English books is costly as I’ll have to purchase…

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