Where I Stand: Feb to May

A timeline of the last 4 months I have so many photo series that I build on - I like the idea of that because as life changes, I take photographs of the same concept and they show where I've been and what I've been doing. For example, I have a "View from my Lounge" … Continue reading Where I Stand: Feb to May

A visual feast! The Ouse Valley Viaduct

A visit to West Sussex turned out to be a trip down memory lane for me - a 30 year-old lane to be precise! J an I decided to go on a mini adventure on Friday and planned a simple picnic of supermarket meal deals! We collected my son, T and drove South East to … Continue reading A visual feast! The Ouse Valley Viaduct

Anticipating: A writer’s workshop

This piece was written before I went to Dublin for the Hay House Writer's Workshop at the end of April 2019. Dublin looms. A Hay House writing workshop. For two days. With 150 other people. Yes, 150 other people. And world renowned speakers. When I booked it, I was excited about hearing these people speak. … Continue reading Anticipating: A writer’s workshop

Anticipating: New Zealand​

I am visiting New Zealand in July 2018 for a maths education conference and will be extending my stay to do a whistlestop tour of both islands. My flights are paid for. It is the only opportunity I will ever get to go to New Zealand, so I have decided to do a planned tour rather than drive myself around. Flights have been booked, the tour itinerary (including travel and accommodation) is set and everything is paid for. Now all I have to do I think about what to pack and anticipate my adventure.