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My daily Delight Diaries here on this blog document what I do to maintain my photography and art practice – it is a diary of how I have seen the world, how I’ve practiced, what has been easy, what has been hard, what has brought me joy in the moment – a window into my life. In the newsletter I share more depth stories, insights and inspiration that keep me on my path. 

Newsletter Archive 2021

  1. 7th February 2021: 3 ways to stay curious and inspired

Newsletter Archive 2020

  1. 14th June 2020: For new subscribers, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you some background to my practice by answering some ‘fictional get to know me questions’
  2. 28th June 2020: Doing this “in real life” – It took me a while to figure out how to sustain my practice in the face of what “life” throws at me and it certainly wasn’t clear to me when I began this journey 6 years ago – in fact it was really difficult to do at first.
  3. 13th July 2020: First monthly feature called “What I learnt this month” – how can I see my creative habits as playful rather than productive?
  4. 25th July 2020: I’m often asked “how do you do it?” i.e. how do I keep up with photography, blogging etc even when life is less than ideal, when I’m uninspired, tired, sad – or all of the above?
  5. 5th August: Delighted with my new branding
  6. 22nd August: “What I Learnt This Month” – sharing 5 things that seemed important in connection with filling my metaphorical cup
  7. 20th September: Being a hummingbird – following my curiosities and allowing curiosity to sustain me
  8. 3rd October: The story behind my current 100 day art project
  9. 17th October: What’s been energising me over the last 2 weeks – some unexpected delights and an update on my personal 100 day art project
  10. 14th November: Some insights from reading Austin Kleon’s books and a request to tell me what you like to read about in the newsletter