Maths is Fun – A different approach to learning maths


My name is Debbie Stott and I love encouraging people, particularly children to learn new skills and knowledge, to think for themselves, to understand so that they can grow, be independent, make their own choices and decisions and be empowered.

If you landed on this page because you saw one of my maths posters or you’ve heard about my approach to tutoring maths for primary school children, you can find out more right here. This page gives you an overview of my services. For more detailed information, click on programme, pricing and more about me links.

Do you ever say these things to yourself, to your friends or parents?

  • I wish maths was more fun
  • Maths makes me feel dumb or stupid
  • Maths is just about rules that need to be remembered
  • I’m just not a maths person
  • I don’t have a maths brain
  • I just don’t get maths at all

Many children (and adults) do. I have worked with hundreds of primary school children over the last eight years who have had the same thoughts.
I can help you to…
… see sense in and understand maths
… learn to love doing maths
… be more confident in your maths abilities, saying “I can do this”
… see maths as useful and fun

How do my sessions work?

Our sessions would last between an hour and 75 minutes. In your first session, I will do some activities with you to see how you think about solving maths problems and then we will work together in an informal, fun environment.

Our sessions will always be different. Sometimes we will play simple games using dice, cards and dominoes (these help us to do maths in a fun way whilst practicing our maths skills like addition, tables and more); sometimes we will do puzzles; other times, we might do some maths outdoors and often we will do written and verbal activities that will help you to understand and make sense of your maths as well as practicing it and using it.

I will encourage you to talk to me about your thinking and how you are working something out. I will help you to build your confidence and will encourage you to keep trying, even when you make a mistake. I think mistakes are very important – they are not something to be afraid of and they help us to grow our brains and learn new things.

Working with parents and families

I work on a one-to-one basis with a child but will also take two to three children of the same age as a group, or siblings that are close together in age.

I also offer sessions where I work with both the children and parents (carers, guardians) as a team (if the parents would like to take this approach) to help parents understand how they can help their child at home with maths, even if they aren’t confident maths people themselves.

Research shows that parents are often reluctant to focus on mathematical development with their children. There could be many reasons for this but a main one is that parents don’t feel as comfortable with teaching maths, as they do with reading. When parents stress about their own maths abilities, their children can develop negative feelings towards the subject. This has a knock-on effect as children who feel anxious about maths are also less likely to engage in the classroom and will avoid tough mathematical tasks.

For parent and child sessions, I will provide a booklet giving ideas for bringing maths into the home.

Why choose me?

I have a PhD in primary mathematics working specifically with primary school children in after school maths clubs. I have 8 years’ experience – having run 12 clubs and helped more than 260 children. I have also trained over 680 educators and facilitators to run after school clubs.

Although I know what is expected for each year in the primary school maths curriculum, I prefer to ascertain where the child actually is with their maths and not where they should be. For example, we would expect a child in Year Three to be at Year Three level. However, the child may well have gaps in their foundation knowledge and those must be filled for the child to progress further. However, I am NOT a remedial tutor, as I work with children of all abilities.

My approach, the programme and pricing

What’s happens next?

If you’d like to chat to me, or register for tutoring sessions, you can either: