Thursday doors – Veltrusy Castle

I don't mind old buildings, in fact, I have a ''thing" for them, especially doors and windows - photographically of course! They have so much character and could tell so many stories if only they were able to talk.

The story of ‘Periscope’

This photo is one of my all time favourites and one that gets a lot of likes on the photography sites I belong to. So I did an imaginary interview with myself to tell the story of this photograph. * Where did you take this photo? This was taken at a listed building in Grahamstown, … Continue reading The story of ‘Periscope’

5 reasons to photograph the Old Provost

I live in a small town in the Eastern Cape province in South Africa. Well I call it a town but it is actually classified as a city due to the fact that it has a Cathedral. Grahamstown has 60 churches and is sometimes referred to as the City of Saints. The town has a … Continue reading 5 reasons to photograph the Old Provost

Fred & Ginger immortalised in the Dancing House

When my son and I were in Prague a few years ago, we were wandering along the Vltava River, when we stumbled upon a building quite unlike all the others in Prague from an architectural perspective. Much of Prague’s architecture is Baroque, Gothic or Art Nouveau. Intrigued and not knowing anything about the building, we … Continue reading Fred & Ginger immortalised in the Dancing House