A single tulip: Regular Random

Five minutes with a mature tulip in J's garden. This post is for the Regular Random tag (see below for more details). Six divisions in the brown area - one for each leaf.Ā  Three pointy bits on the stamen. A perfect mandala in the centre of this vibrantly coloured flower. One leaf that droops. The … Continue reading A single tulip: Regular Random

Muizenberg beach huts – a photographer’s dream

There are so many reasons why these beach huts on Muizenbergā€™s beach front are a photographerā€™s dream. Used as bathing boxes in their heyday at the beginning of the 20th century, some are now neglected but apparently you can hire one on a daily, monthly and annual basis for a snap! Even in mid-winter they … Continue reading Muizenberg beach huts – a photographer’s dream