Wacky Wednesday: Santa Survey

Danbo had just finished watching "The Christmas Chronicles" on Netflix with Debbie and T. Wondering if Santa's floppy red, hat really helped him to fly, he found a discarded one in the decoration box. But it didn't fit his oddly shaped head. He sighed. No flying for him then. Danbo noticed that Debbie and T … Continue reading Wacky Wednesday: Santa Survey

Pomodoros & growing a forest to avoid OCD

So, I've been absent from my blog this week. Its NaNoWriMo time and that means I am using every free second of the day to add to my word count (target 50,000 by end of November) rather than writing blog posts! So grab your favourite beverage, hot or cold and let's chat about writing, growing trees and OCD!

Find my tribe – part one

If I stand on my self-made island, I will get more of the same. All I will do is survive. I'm tired of doing that. It's exhausting. And lonely. I've done that my whole life. Time to switch the mindset and think, do, be different. To tell a new story. To find my tribe. I'd like that.