The A to Z Team Spring the Tin

Dabelle and her tin-mates were so keen to start their A to Z adventure, that they impulsively decided to "spring the tin" - a little like escaping from prison. They voluntarily live in the Altoids Tin, but like most people they do like a bit of a change every once in a while, especially if excitement, escapades and general shenanigans are likely.

Updating my blog: Feel Good List

I'm always surprised at how often I need to revisit the basic principles of my blog to make sure I'm not veeringĀ too far of course. Is that something that happens to other bloggers too? Or is it just me? Here's a recent example. When I first started this blog, I created some ā€œHappiness Resolutionsā€ (an … Continue reading Updating my blog: Feel Good List

Searching for ‘X’ #AtoZChallenge

Its difficult to know what language to speak in a country where there are so many official languages. Read more to find out! Dabelle is nearing the end of the "Blogging from A to Z" challenge for April and has found some extremely interesting South African words in her adventures.