The A to Z Team Spring the Tin

Dabelle and her tin-mates were so keen to start their A to Z adventure, that they impulsively decided to "spring the tin" - a little like escaping from prison. They voluntarily live in the Altoids Tin, but like most people they do like a bit of a change every once in a while, especially if excitement, escapades and general shenanigans are likely.

Updating my blog: Feel Good List

I'm always surprised at how often I need to revisit the basic principles of my blog to make sure I'm not veering¬†too far of course. Is that something that happens to other bloggers too? Or is it just me? Here's a recent example. When I first started this blog, I created some ‚ÄúHappiness Resolutions‚ÄĚ (an … Continue reading Updating my blog: Feel Good List

Searching for ‘X’ #AtoZChallenge

Its difficult to know what language to speak in a country where there are so many official languages. Read more to find out! Dabelle is nearing the end of the "Blogging from A to Z" challenge for April and has found some extremely interesting South African words in her adventures.