A single tulip: Regular Random

Five minutes with a mature tulip in J's garden. This post is for the Regular Random tag (see below for more details). Six divisions in the brown area - one for each leaf.  Three pointy bits on the stamen. A perfect mandala in the centre of this vibrantly coloured flower. One leaf that droops. The … Continue reading A single tulip: Regular Random

The story of ‘Periscope’

This photo is one of my all time favourites and one that gets a lot of likes on the photography sites I belong to. So I did an imaginary interview with myself to tell the story of this photograph. * Where did you take this photo? This was taken at a listed building in Grahamstown, … Continue reading The story of ‘Periscope’

5 reasons to photograph the Old Provost

I live in a small town in the Eastern Cape province in South Africa. Well I call it a town but it is actually classified as a city due to the fact that it has a Cathedral. Grahamstown has 60 churches and is sometimes referred to as the City of Saints. The town has a … Continue reading 5 reasons to photograph the Old Provost