I am a​ holistic photographer

Coming to the realisation that I am a holistic photographer. My approach is often to look the parts of something are intimately interconnected and how they connect to tell a story of the whole.

What’s in my bag: 10 essentials when I travel

Soon I will be going to an overseas conference for work and I recently came back from a local one. I travel a lot, for work and pleasure, locally and internationally. I must admit that packing (and unpacking) are my least favourite parts of the whole experience. Apart from the things you'd expect like money, … Continue reading What’s in my bag: 10 essentials when I travel

Discovering my own way of seeing – photographically

A while ago, I posed the question "Why do I shoot what I shoot?" to myself. Lately, I have been trying to work out what 'my style' is, which is kind of connected to my earlier question. So, over my December break last year, I made time for myself to complete Kent DuFault’s suggestions for discovering my own way of seeing (Kent's suggested steps are in my previous post). I want my way of creating images to become something more conscious. 

The countdown begins

The countdown begins. I am about to publish my first eBook on Everyday Delights.  The book is called "Documenting a 100 Happy Day Project" which is a compilation of posts from my first blog in 2015. That original blog site has now disappeared. This book is a two part compilation of those stories and high-quality photographs from 2015 written for the blog.

Why do I shoot what I shoot?

Canadian photographer David Veldman writes that "every now and then, all photographers should stop and ask themselves: 'why do I shoot what I shoot?’"

My top 10 black and white images from 2016

My love affair with black and white photography continues. Read more about where it started and how it continues here. I do occasional posts about my continuing journey and selections of favorites from various challenges that I participate in. Here are 10 of my favourite black and white images from 2016 1. Speicherstadt Warehouse District, Hamburg, … Continue reading My top 10 black and white images from 2016

My love affair with black and white photography

I have to say straight off, that these are of course not my photographs! Many will recognise them as the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson who I talk about in this post. Looking at these photos, there is something about a black and white photograph that catches my attention. The way that the lack of colour strips away all the distractions, allowing me to focus on the shapes, patterns, lines, light, shadows...