What kind of people live here?

What kind of people live here? Indulge me for a moment and let’s imagine that the Hobbits, Hobbiton and The Shire are real places. If you knew nothing of the movies or the books, what would you deduce about the Hobbits from looking at the details of where they live? Let me share some images with you to spark the imagination.

Anticipating: New Zealand​

I am visiting New Zealand in July 2018 for a maths education conference and will be extending my stay to do a whistlestop tour of both islands. My flights are paid for. It is the only opportunity I will ever get to go to New Zealand, so I have decided to do a planned tour rather than drive myself around. Flights have been booked, the tour itinerary (including travel and accommodation) is set and everything is paid for. Now all I have to do I think about what to pack and anticipate my adventure. 

Fundi! #AtoZChallenge

Dabelle is a photography fundi, but she loves maps too! Are you a fundi in anything? What is your expert field or speciality? Are you an academic fundi or a self-taught fundi? I’d love to hear from you.
Join Dabelle as she does the "Blogging from A to Z" challenge for April and uses some South African words in her adventures.