Derelict or devastation? Or both?

It is devastating that these wonderful buildings on an estate outside Prague (Czech Republic) have been left to become derelict.

A line is a dot that went for a walk

A line is a dot that went for a walk (Paul Klee) - lines in photography

The ever-changing​ colours of the Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall in Prague is a constantly changing piece of multicoloured art. If you go two days in a row, it will be completely different from the day before. 


One Word Sunday brought to use by Travel With Intent is asking for photos inspired by the word 'potty' Here's my interpretation and no, its not the kind that you immediately think of.  And because my son is way past that stage I couldn't find one if I wanted to 😉

On wish-ing and self-care

We are suffering from a severe drought - the dams that feed our small town are at dangerously low levels. In fact so many areas of South Africa are struggling, Cape Town is possibly the worst at the moment. So we have been wishing for rain (and my contribution for One Word Sunday: Wish). And this … Continue reading On wish-ing and self-care


This week's prompt for OneWordSunday is "Count". Dabelle and her little dog Oscar went to explore some of the things in my office that could be used for counting. As I work with young learners in maths, my office is a treasure trove!

Curves, six-word​ stories & orange

It has been such a week. On one hand it felt like October would never end, but on the other, it went in a flash. The flexible nature of time, I suppose. I have had no time to write any posts or take photos, even though there are loads of good challenges happening. So, I thought I'd do one post with multiple challenges for this week.

Shadowy Sunday

A weekend away with the express purpose of relaxing and chilling - nothing planned and no schedules to keep to. The sun streams through the bedroom windows, telling me its a lovely day. The outdoors beckons. I venture outside with my camera.