Simply beyond the kitchen (2)

Third week of March and my third post for Becky's March Square challenge.

Dreams about inheritance…

Cee's Share Your World Challenge for the 12th March prompt: If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favourite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do? I would use it for two things: one to pay for some of my "self-funded sabbatical" and use a larger chunk to go towards building my "Hivehaus" in the UK.

Morning pages: Windshield wipers

I started writing Morning Pages (Julia Cameron) on the 8th December last year, and have written almost every morning since. I started the week before my only son left my home for his own student digs at university, and I really believe they have helped me cope with the loss of his reduced presence in my life.

Simply beyond the kitchen (1)

This month I want to do two things: move beyond the kitchen, because its too easy to shoot the multitude of circular things in the kitchen and concentrate on simplicity in my shots, showcasing the shapes and subjects. Read more to see if I am doing what I said!

A story about stories

I had this set of books as a child but had forgotten that. Until I opened one of them today and started scanning through the stories. I was back in my special reading place, a child once again.

Can I do a month of circles in squares​?

I am ready for some colour and something to help me get through March, so its a month of circles in square format! Join me and others on the #MarchSquare adventure.

Vision boarding: everyday dilemmas and joys

I belong to a women's group that meets once a month. This month, we were invited to look for and prep images and words to create Vision Boards for 2018 for our February meeting, as a way to set our intentions for the rest of the year. 

Trio: three things

Apparently, it is good to try and compose things in threes, perhaps because they create an imaginary triangle for your eye to follow around the image and also create dynamic tension. Some call it the Rule of Odds if you want to read more about it.

Mindful Travel — Find Your Middle Ground

I’ve just recently discovered John O’Donohue’s work and for the first time in my life, I finally found a poem I like. I was so pleased that I actually wrote about it! This lovely blessing shared by Find your Middle Ground re-inforced my determination to get one or two of his books of blessing when … Continue reading Mindful Travel — Find Your Middle Ground

Bonding and bingeing

I am blessed that he is still in the same town as me - for now. It means I can see him regularly.