Be gentle with myself

This simple piece of writing reflects so much of what is going on in my life at the moment and provides gentle encouragement for dealing with it. 

Find your balance

Yesterday I went to work feeling tearful and sad. Before I left for work, I'd heard bad news from people close to me about serious illness and family issues. Sitting down at my work computer, I 'paged' through my WordPress reader. It wasn't just the title of Jenny's post Things to do when everything is crap that caught … Continue reading Find your balance

Discovering my own way of seeing – photographically

A while ago, I posed the question "Why do I shoot what I shoot?" to myself. Lately, I have been trying to work out what 'my style' is, which is kind of connected to my earlier question. So, over my December break last year, I made time for myself to complete Kent DuFault’s suggestions for discovering my own way of seeing (Kent's suggested steps are in my previous post). I want my way of creating images to become something more conscious. 

The countdown begins

The countdown begins. I am about to publish my first eBook on Everyday Delights.  The book is called "Documenting a 100 Happy Day Project" which is a compilation of posts from my first blog in 2015. That original blog site has now disappeared. This book is a two part compilation of those stories and high-quality photographs from 2015 written for the blog.

Why do I shoot what I shoot?

Canadian photographer David Veldman writes that "every now and then, all photographers should stop and ask themselves: 'why do I shoot what I shoot?’"

Pause. Celebrate. Smell the roses.

May we congratulate ourselves for all that we did get done this week, rather than criticising ourselves for not doing more. Pat yourself on the back, dear one. [Kris Carr] I saw this post on Facebook recently which really struck a chord with me. For a long while I have thought that we don't celebrate … Continue reading Pause. Celebrate. Smell the roses.