Weekly Delights Newsletter Archive

I am in the midst of the enormously challenging process of editing that draft with the intention of submitting it for a publishing contest in September this year (more about this later). With this in mind, I want to broaden the content that I share to more of my existing network and pull everything together from all my various social media platforms in one place for everyone. 

Two reasons.

  1. I want to include you all in the exciting process and share my ups and downs!
  2. I would love feedback on parts of the book before I submit it for the contest. And the best people to give me that feedback are the people I already know! In other words, you! 

If you haven’t already signed up, then click on the button below. Otherwise, you can read the Archive below.

What can you expect from the newsletter?

I hope to:

  • share some excerpts from the book
  • ask your opinion about certain aspects of the book
  • share stories about the process and keep you updated on progress
  • share exciting things happening in my life
  • provide a summary of my blog and Instagram posts for the week or share a favourite Everyday Delight

Essentially, I want to keep in touch.

Newsletter Archive 2019

  • One: Dealing with the Inner Critic plus a poem called “My Soul had a Hat” by Mario de Andrade (1893 – 1945)
  • Two: Sharing my vision of “the book” (part one) and Artist Dates
  • Three: The “back cover blurb” for the book and the Oriental Plane tree
  • Four: Attempting to capture the outline of the book and fluffy horses
  • Five: Why I’ve done no writing at all and a tribute to my kitties
  • Six: Sharing the importance of Morning Pages in my writing process and the delight of watching cygnets grow
  • Seven: Starting the book proposal and savouring my new car
  • Eight: The looming book proposal deadline, the Isle of Wight and more
  • Nine: What is my book actually about? Plus the delights of re-connecting with extended family.
  • Ten: Scottish road trip and submission of book proposal
  • Eleven: Move to the Isle of Wight
  • Twelve: Final newsletter of 2019 and news of the book publishing contest